Bringing Truth On Causeway Back. Sorta

Alright so the site has been inactive for ages because literally EVERYONE has been doing some stuff in their lifes and they’re, you know, busy.

I got in writing mood so I logged back in here, then asked for people to send Celtics questions my way on Twitter. I’m not one to answer questions correctly, informed or anything of the sort, but I just wanted to have fun.

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Rondo on Causeway

It was the perfect Rondo game.

Hours before tipoff, Rajon sent the media in a frenzy with his “I played no defense the last two years” comment, prompting Gary Tanguay to demand the fans boo him upon his return. He failed miserably, as nearly 19000 fans rose to their feet and delivered a heartfelt standing ovation, thanking #9 for all the amazing sports moments he delivered in Boston. At first, Rondo, stoic as ever, seemed to try and shake it off, to ignore everything and focus on the team huddle, but he came apart in front of the raucous TD Garden fans. You could see emotion break through his iron mask as he rose his hand towards the rafters in appreciation for the fans.

He then calmly returned to the court to absolutely destroy his former team, sinking five threes on his way to a personal record, but not before airballing one. He gave off fantastic, dazzling dimes and ripped rebounds from the air away from the opposing bigs. In short, Rondo was Rondo as the Mavericks smacked the Celtics by double digits.

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Throwback Thursday: DAT BLOCK!



Of course the Celtics beat Miami last night and we all enjoyed it. Even everyone aboard the #TankSafariForJabari did.

There’s just something in beating the Heat. They were without LeBron and even with that we enjoyed the victory quite a bit.

So we’re taking the time to relish a big time moment against this hated team.

Enjoy. And replay.

Replay a lot.